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How to Install Abaqus?

Note For Students: You can download Student Edition at https://academy.3ds.com/en/software/abaqus-student-edition

Important notice: In the last few steps of installation, in updated Windows10 operating systems there may be an error message. Please ignore the message and continue to install.

1. Step: You should install products properly like below list to setup Abaqus.

-Abaqus Documentation

-License Server

-Abaqus Services

-CAA developer software for Abaqus APIs


You should follow the below steps.

You must open Abaqus Documentation folder and run setup file.

1-In the first screen, you must click Next button.

2- After reading license agreement, choose the installation folder.

3- while installing license server choose files only option and proceed with next and then install.

4- for installation of the services choose the directory and proceed with next and instal as below.

5- Main part of the installation is CAE installation, select this item.

6- After legal notices, choose the directory.

7- Choose your command directory.

8- Choose your plug in directory and fill the required information as below.

9- After choosing documentation folder and working directory, choose install here.

10- If you need other modules, steps are similar as for CAE, upon completing the installation finish the process by choosing close here.