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MSC ONE family includes the products; Actran, Adams_2019.2, Apex 2021.2, Apex,Apex 2021.1, Apex 2021, Apex_2020_fp1, Apex_2020_fp1 Jaguar, Apex 2020, Bearing_AT_2019, Digimat 2021.2,Digimat 2021.1_a, Digimat 2020 FP1, Digimat_2019.1,Dytran 2021.1, Dytran 2021, Dytran_2019_SP1, Easy5_2018, Gear_at_2019,Marc 2021.3, Marc 2021.2Marc 2021.1, Marc 2020_fp1, Marc_2019_FP1, Marc_2020, Mdnastran_Nastran_2011,Nastran2021.3,Nastran2021.2,Nastran2021.1, Nastran2021, Nastran_2020, Nastran_2019,Patran2021.2,  Patran2021.1,Patran2021, Patran_2019_fp1sp1, Simufact Additive 2020 FP1, Simufact_Additive_4.1, Simufact_Forming_16.0, Simufact_Joining_4.0, Simufact Welding 2020, Simufact_Welding_8.0, SimXpert_2017 Sinda_2017_1 and these products can be dowloaded at https://yazilim.cc.metu.edu.tr/, for accessing educational material learningcenter_2020_windows64.exe should be installed first and then you may subscribe to related educational material.

Note for students: The free Student Edition platform created by MSC Software for students can be accessed at https://www.mscsoftware.com/student-editions. After applying with a student ID and granting a membership approval, students can use the student versions of Nastran, Patran, Apex, Adams, Marc and SimXpert software, access webinars and access documentation for 2 years free of charge.

MSC One installation is basically comprised of 7 steps:

1) Choose language
2) License agreement
3) License location
4) Select directory
5) Choose components
6) Confirm installation
7) Finish set up

Below is the installation of Nastran 2019 FP 1. The other products of MSC one family can be installed throgh similar steps.

1) Choose language

2) Accept licensing agreement

3) Choose license location and 4) Directory

5) Choose components if applicable

6) Confirm installation with correct information as (1700@license.cc.metu.edu.tr)

7) Finish set up

Important Note: If you get an error message after entering license server information, don't take it into account and continue installation and finish. Later on please follow the steps below in order to enter a parameter to environmental variables:

  • From the desktop, right click the Computer icon.
  • Choose Properties from the context menu.
  • Click the Advanced system settings link.
  • Click Environment Variables. In the section System Variables, click New for creating new system variable.

Here create a variable named "MSC_LICENSE_FILE" and enter "1700@license.cc.metu.edu.tr" as value.

For detailed information and help follow the links below for specific products.