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About Turnitin

Turnitin, is a web-based plagiarism detection software. Please reach us via "Contact Us" link on METU Computer Center web site to use the service. Name, academic/administrative position and department at METU should be specified in this mail.

Instructors or other academic staff can examine the existence of any possible elements of plagiarism by uploading their or their students' papers/homework to Turnitin web site. This is done by a special algorithm of Turnitin software which uses the following sources for comparison: current or archived web pages, online commercial and scientific journal databases, online and printed books, and millions of papers and homework previously uploaded to Turnitin by its users. For some helpfull documents please refer to:

TII Öğretmen Kılavuzu

TII Öğrenci Kılavuzu


For more information:


Turnitin plagiarism detection service is purchased primarily for checking theses, books, papers which are written for to be published in academic journals and other papers which are considered to be publishable. This priority is a result of limited number of users (number of students which can be registered to upload papers) designated by the license agreement.

Our academic users who plan to use this service for themselves and their students within the scope mentioned above, can reach us via "Contact Us" link on METU Computer Center web site. The e-mail addresses of those applicants will be registered to Turnitin website as "Instructor" and an e-mail about this registration from Turnitin.com will be received. This e-mail will include necessary instructions and information about how to use the service. Instructors will be able to define and register students, create "Classes" and "Assignments" using the web-based interface of Turnitin.com. The students defined by the Instructors will be able to log on to Turnitin web site by means of a similar procedure and upload their homework or papers to the system. Instructors can see the results about the level and elements of plagiarism in uploaded documents.

Thesis Submission Period

MSc/PhD and Research  Assistants cannot be registered to the system with proper privilege for uploading papers/articles. Instead, the thesis advisor or a previously registered INSTRUCTOR may upload the papers and may share the results with students/assistants. In addition an instructor may open a master class and add students/assistants as Teaching Assistant to the system with the rights to upload paper/article.

Caution: While uploading the papers be careful in entering data such as name surname etc. Even small differences may result in %100 similarity with mistakenly entered paper and to solve the problem may not be easy. Article may be mistakenly classified as plagiaristic.

This software is a web based service so that it may be used outside of the campus as well given that you have genuine student or instructor passwords. 


NOTE about passwords: If you forget your password you can go on using the software by following RESET PASSWORD step.

For your questions and problems, you can reach us via https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr/ on METU Computer Center web site.