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How can I forward e-mails incomming to my METU mail account?


If you want to perform forwarding with the METU Horde interface, in the left menu of Horde there is a "Forwards" option under the "Mail" button that can be used. To make use of this feature, enter the address(es) in the "Set/install a forward to" box (if more than one address is necessary, separate them with a comma (,).

In order to cancel forwarding, the option "Unset/remove a forward" under "Forwards" should be selected.

With the e-mail system put into use on 27/07/2009 it is no longer possible to redirect e-mail messages by creating a .forward file on the central server systems.

The CC in no way and never intervenes with the folders that reside in the user accounts. The errors you might make during the process of redirecting could likely cause you to lose messages, so perform the procedure with care and check by trying the result.