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How can I install McAfee VirusScan software?


McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7 Installation
For downloading McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7 :

  • Licensed software are stored at and downloaded from the ftp server at the address ftp://ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr, and McAfee 8.7 (for Windows operating systems) is at the location ftp://ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr/Security/McAfee/ in the folder mcafee8.7i_xp_vista. You have to download this directory and all the files contained in it. This adress requires your METU username and password for authentication. If you don't know how to download files or folders containing these setup files from an ftp server, please read the following instructions:

Most of the web browsers do not support copy paste operations for downloading folders. To manage this to download McAfee, please click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop or start menu (Windows 98, Xp). In the adress bar of "My Computer" window, on which the expression "My Computer" written, write or simply copy and paste the adress ftp://ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr/Security/McAfee . After a few seconds a window with the title "Logon As", asking your user name and password should appear. To log on to this location, type your "METU user name" and password in the relevant fields. Your "METU username" is the part before the character in your METU e-mail address in the form "abcdemetu.edu.tr" (so username is " abcde " in this example) and your password is the password of your METU e-mail adress as well. The licensed software in the address ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr is only available for the use of METU academic and administrative personnel.

  • If you opened the location ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr , trace to the adress ftp://ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr/Security/McAfee/ by clicking the folders or links; "Security" --> "McAfee" --> in the ftp window opened. In this folder, there are several versions of McAfee VirusScan software. • In this folder, click on the link you want, and download the file to a location in your computer. Installation of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7:
  • Run the "Setup.exe" file. • Click "Next" button on the window that says the installation process is going to be started.
  • On the window about licensing, change the "Licence expiry type" as "perpetual".
  • Read the license agreement and click on "OK" button (Figure 1). Figure 1- McAfee VS Licence Information
  • If the antivirus software is not going to be installed on a server computer, when the window that involves installation options are displayed, we recommend you to select 'typical'.
  • By default, the location of the installation is displayed as C:\Program Files\mcafee\VirusScan Enterprise\. Unless the disc space is scarce and a policy is settled about the installation of the program, this value should not be changed. Then, click 'Next'. If one continues by selecting 'Custom' option;
  • If one continues by selecting 'Custom' option; First of all, Access Protection Level should be choosed. (Standart protection is adviced to not experienced users.)
    • A list of the optional built-in programs are displayed
    • AutoUpdate: This program enables the automatic updating of virus definition files.
    • Lotus Notes E-mail Scanner: This program runs together with Lotus Notes E-mail reading program and enables the scanning of incoming and outgoing e-mails for viruses.
    • Microsoft Outlook E-mail Scanner: This program runs together with Microsoft Outlook program and enables the scanning of incoming and outgoing e-mails for viruses.
    • On-Access Scanner: This program enables the scanning of the files whenever they are read, changed or edited for viruses.
    • On-Demand Scanner: This program enables the user to conduct virus scanning whenever demanded.
    • It is recommended to install all these options.
    • The function of the "Install Alert Manager" window is to install Alert Manager software that implements methods to warn the system administrator such as sending e-mail messages when McAfee VirusScan detects a virus etc. We do not recommend installing this software except on the server computers. Click 'Next' to move to the next window(You need to have Setup Files to be able to install Alert Manager). 
    • 'Product Configuration' window consists 'Import Auto Update Repository List' section which enables the settling of the directory on the local disc field from which the automatic updating task will be conducted and 'Enbale On-Access Scanner at the end of installation' section which enables the running of 'On-Access Scan' feature after the installation is finished
    • 'Security Configuration' window consists of 'Configuration Password Protection' section which enables the system administrator that knows the password to check the settings of the software and 'Start Menu'section which disables the display of VirusScan icons on Start menu and 'System Tray Icon and Menu' which enables the arrangement of the display of the icons on System Tray. These features are to be used by system administrators who would like to prevent the users to change the settings of the antivirus software
  • 'Ready to install' window indicates that the software is ready to be installed. You should start installation process by clicking the 'Install' button. It takes 1 to 5 minutes to end the installation process.
  • After the installation is completed, a window that consists of 'Update Now' utility which enables the automatic updating of the computer that is connected to the Internet and 'Run On-Demand Scan' utility which enables the user to scan the system whenever s/he wants. We recommend the users to click 'Finish' button and perform the updating task, if they are connected to the Internet. The users should enable On-Demand Scan feature.
  • The updating process may be slow or it may even break down due to the problems related with Internet. In such cases, we recommend you to follow the steps in updating section.