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How can I use E-signature in Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)?

In order to use e-signature in EBYS application, Arksigner application must be installed on computers. Windows, MAC, Ubuntu, or Pardus versions of the application can be downloaded from http://www.arksigner.com/indir. After downloading the application, start the installation process by running it and follow the instructions on the screen. (Alternatively, you can download the Windows version, the macOS version, and the Ubuntu version from the relevant links. After the Mac OS Mojave update, you need to uninstall the existing Arksigner installation and download and install the new version.) If you get the "Client application not found" error after Chrome browser update on computers using macOS operating system, you can install the Arksigner application's Chrome extension from this link.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It has been determined that the Arksigner software does not work when using the Safari browser on the new macOS operating system version (Big Sur) released on November 10, 2020. For this reason, users using the macOS operating system may experience problems if they update the existing macOS operating system to the Big Sur version on the computer they use and use the Safari browser for EBYS e-signing. Until the release of the Arksigner software compatible with the new macOS version, it is recommended that our users using the macOS operating system do not update their current versions or prefer the Chrome browser instead of Safari if they have to use Big Sur. For this, the Arksigner plug-in provided at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/arksigner/pllcidbcfbamjfbfpemn... must be installed and activated on Chrome.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When new Qualified Electronic Certificates (e-signature) issued by KamuSM as of March 2021 are used with 2.2.4 and older versions of ArkSigner, the error "No Reliable Certificate Found" is encountered in EBYS. Particularly, our users who receive their certificate after March 2021 are kindly requested to install ArkSigner version 2.2.5.


ARKSIGNER 2.2.5 version update (19.03.2021)

New version of the Arksigner application has been published. The installations in the Windows operating system inform with the following message and direct users to download the updated file. In case of an automatic update failure and other operating systems, it is necessary to download the current version of the application and follow the instructions on the screen.

After the ArkSigner application is installed, you can check whether your e-signature system is working by right-clicking on the Arksigner icon in the Windows notification area, using the "Akıllı Kart Sihirbazı", "Ayarları Kontrol Et" and "Online Test" options.

You can log in to the EBYS with e-signature using the "Elektronik İmza ile Giriş" link at https://ebys.metu.edu.tr. First, plug the USB reader in which your e-signature SIM card is inserted to your computer.

When you press the "Elektronik İmza ile Giriş" link, the card reader, certificate information (owner, identity number, serial number, etc.) will be displayed. After entering your PIN number, you can log in to the EBYS application with the GREEN button.

If the Arksigner application is not installed, you may encounter the following error message. In this case, check whether the Arksigner application is installed or not.

In addition, e-signature can be used with the Arksigner extension in Chrome and Firefox browsers. You can install the Chrome browser extension from this link. If you re-install the ArkSigner application, the necessary add-on will be automatically installed in the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

If you have problems using e-signature even though you have set up e-signature, or if you have different questions about e-signature, please check the frequently asked questions at http://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/tr/groups/e-imza.