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How to Install Mathcad?

Mathcad is a tool for applying mathematics. It provides an environment of inherent interactivity, featuring:
  A familiar scratchpad interface, 
  Real math notation, 
  Automatic recalculation that allows for immediate feedback, 
  Fully integrated project components. 

Mathcad automatically updates results. It integrates text, math, and graphics into a single worksheet to visualize, illustrate, and annotate all the calculations.

Mathcad runs on PC platform (MS Windows7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1).

DVD iso files of the installation source is available at licensed software site:



Mathcad 15 Installation:

1- The directory containing software setup (mathcad15) should be downloaded to PC's.

2- Run setup.exe in the mathcad15 folder, click next button twice and click "Mathcad" link in the window with the title "Select Product to be installed". At this step; the possible instructions and warnings about Microsoft.NET Framework and MSXML versions required for installation (These messages are not installation errors) will be followed and these prerequisite software should be installed by clicking the links provided by the setup. After the installations of these completed, you can proceed to Mathcad setup. If necessary re-run setup.exe, the installation will proceed from the latest step.

3- In the following step, select "Use Existing FLEXnet license server" option in the "Mathcad License Type" window. Proceed with the "Custom" option and customize installation folder and other options if necessary. 

4- In the following step, in the window titled as "FLEXnet license servers", click "Add" button and select "Single license server" option. For License Server:

mathcad.cc.metu.edu.tr  should be entered.

"server port" is 7788.

5- Click next button twice and the setup will begin to file copying process before completing the installation.

Mathcad 14 Installation:

1-) Run "setup.exe" from the CD or Mathcad 14 directory that has been downloaded. Select "Install Mathcad 14" option in the next window

2-) Enter "product code" click "next" (serial_product_code.txt file in the CD or Mathcad14 directory.)

3-) Select installation folder/directory in your computer. Proceed to the license server information window which is "Mathcad License Setup".

Select "use a license server" option

For "servername" enter mathcad.cc.metu.edu.tr

For "server port" enter 7788 .

For more information and your questions about licensed software,  please contact https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr