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How to Install MSC?


METU Computer Center provides MSC University FEA Bundle which consists of several advanced finite element analysis software. The software included in MSC University FEA Bundle are as follows:

  1. -Apex
  2. - Patran
  3. - Sofy
  4. - Marc
  5. - Mentat
  6. - Dytran
  7. - MD Nastran
  8. - Flightloads 


Marc Mentat ACIS and Fatigue Complete Packageare additional avalilable software which are not in the above bundle.

Because of rapid version upgrades, large data size and number of installation media (DVD/CD)  most requested MSC software is available at https://software.cc.metu.edu.tr

To install any of MSC Software on Windows or Linux platforms and have documentation, you can download them from licensed software site (https://software.cc.metu.edu.tr).  


All MSC software installations require network licensing


should be entered when installation asks for a license sever (msc.cc.metu.edu.tr is the license server and  1700 is the port number).

Access for Student Versions of MSC Software

Access for Student Versions of MSC Software is avaliable at http://www.mscsoftware.com/student-editions (registration and download is required).

Please contact hotlinemetu.edu.tr for your questions about MSC Software.