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How To Install MSC PATRAN?


Patran provides a software environment for its users performing simulation of mechanical products.

Patran enables the user to conceptualize, develop and test a product using computer-based simulation prior to making manufacturing and material commitments.

By using Patran, engineers can create finite element models from their computer-aided design (CAD) parts, submit these models for simulation, and visualize the simulated model behavior.

Installation of PC Version:

Patran software is available for Windows and Linux at


All MSC software installations require network licensing


should be entered when installation asks for a license sever (msc.cc.metu.edu.tr is the license server and  1700 is the port number).

Notice: Due to the license agreements that are made, this site is accessible to METU personnel only.

Note: If you have troubles with Composite Layer Thickness you should install updated version.

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