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How to Install Simufact?


Simufact Forming is a finite element analysis software formerly developed by MSC.Software under the names "MSC.SuperForm" and "MSC.SuperForge". Simufact integrates the features of both software and can be run on Windows and Linux operating systems.

Simufact can be downloaded from  https://ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr/PackagePrograms/Simufact.

For information about how to download from ftp.cc: How to Download Software from FTP.CC

For information about using .iso images of CD/DVD for installations : CD/DVD Kalıplarından (ISO) Kurulum  (In Turkish). Due to the license agreements, this site is accessible to METU personnel only.

Installation should be done by selecting "Simufact Forming" at the beginning. After the completion of the setup; by runningSimufact.license 8.1 application (Start Menu\Programs\simufact\simufact.tools 8.1\), license server should be specified.

In the Simufact.license window, select the "licenses" tab in the leftmost position, remove the existing local license entry by the "remove" button. Using "Add" button, select "Add Server" option and enter simufact.cc.metu.edu.tr address as license server and9986 as the port number. You can run Simufact Forming after the license setup is completed. 

Please contact hotlinemetu.edu.trfor your questions about Simufact