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How to Install SPSS?


SPSS is a predictive analytics software that provides statistical analysis/reporting, predictive modeling, data mining, decision management/deployment, and big data.

SPSS is compatible with older versions and runs the files which are created with older versions.

SPSS can only be used at METU Campus Network because of the network license manager system in order to comply with the license agreement specifications.



SPSS can be installed by downloading the windows.iso file at  https://ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr/PackagePrograms/Spss/ and following the steps below:

  • Run setup.exe
  • After starting the installation, select “Concurrent user license” and move on the installation.
  • When it comes to "License Manager" windows, enter the license server address as



In order to edit the license server name for the first time definition or correction purposes;

Windows Operating Systems:

1. Locate the spssprod.inf file double click and open with Notepad.
2. Find the line starting with DaemonHost and correct it as follows:


MacOS Operating Systems:

1. Select Application>IBM>SPSS>Statistics>(Your Version)
2. Hold Control whilst clicking on SPSSStatistics.app
3. Select Show Package Contents
4. select Contents>bin
5. Locate the SPSSPROD.INF file and edit with TextEdit or similar.
6. Locate the line: "DAEMONHOST="  and  enter "spss.cc.metu.edu.tr" after "=".
7. Adjust the value and save the file.
8. Re-Start IBM SPSS Statistics 

Important Note: You can get more detailed information at https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21507587

Due to the license agreement and the technical requirements of the renewed license; when the SPSS software is upgraded to a higher version, users should also install the newest version. Older versions can not be used after the upgrade. Date of the license renewals is declared via campus-wide announcements and users are recommended to follow those announcements.

You can send your questions to hotline@metu.edu.tr .