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How is Kamu SM Certificate Electronic Signature (E-signature) Application Process?

KAMUSM Certified Electronic Signature (CES) Application Process

  • The user has to login http://eimza.metu.edu.tr page with METU usercode and password. The appropriate choice should be chosen (First Application/Renewal/ID update etc) and the application must be submitted.
  • The list of personnel to be provided with e-signature is sent to KamuSM by "Institution E-Signature Authority"
  • An application form link and access password is sent to each user by KamuSM via e-mail.

  • The application form with the link in the e-mail is filled with personal information.
  •  In the first step of the application form, the option "Sertifikam İnternetten yayınlansın" should be selected. (In order for your e-signature to be found in the documents to be confirmed from KAMUSM servers, it must be published on the Internet.)
  •  The completed form is printed out and signed with a wet signature and sent to the following address by mail with return receipt, APS or cargo by the applicant:


Kamu Sertifikasyon Merkezi

TÜBİTAK Gebze Yerleşkesi (İdari Bina)

P.K. 74, Gebze 41470 KOCAELİ

  • A PDF copy of the form is sent to e-imza(at)metu.edu.tr via email for archiving.
  • Certified Electronic Signature (e-signature) prepared by KamuSM will be delivered to the relevant person at the address declared by a special courier.