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I am the head of the department, how will I render the "Completed" status belonging to the years before 2000 to "Not Completed"?

Log on to the Academic-CV pages and fill in the boxes with the user code, password and personnel id number information and then click submit. You will see a table comprised of the names of the "Academic-CV" programs. Click the first link, which is Academic Personel CV Information. An index page will be displayed. Fill in the required spaces and then click ‘submit’.

A page, which includes "My CV","Approve" and "Exit" buttons will be displayed. Click the ''My CV" button. A page will display the subject titles. Enter the year you want to change in the box named 'Activity Year' on the top of the page (e.g. 1999) and click the'Select Program' button at the bottom of the page. You have come back to the page, which includes "My CV", Approve", and "Exit" buttons once again. Click the "Approve" button. The next page will display the names of the instructors of your department. (If the 'Approved1' and/or 'Approved2' column(s) belonging to a person include(s) the statement ‘APPROVED’, you can only render the ‘Completed’ status of this person to 'Not Completed' only after the dean removes the approval on this page). Please click the button next to the name of the instructor you will perform an operation on. A page will display the subject titles. You can change the status to 'Not Completed' by clicking the "Remove Completed" button at the bottom of the page.