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I cannot display some videos using Google Chrome, what should I do?

If "Missing Plug-in" error is displayed when you are trying to watch some videos using Google Chrome, you should enable Adobe Flash Player plug-in instead of the one which is embedded into Chrome.

On Google Chrome window click "customize and control" button on the top right corner and select Options.

On "Options" page select Under the Hood.

On "Under the Hood" screen click Content settings on Privacy section.

On "Content Settings" screen click Disable individual plug-ins on Plug-ins section.

On "Plug-ins" page click Details on the top right corner.

Under Flash settings click Disable for the plug-in of which the "Location" line ends with "gcswf32.dll".

The plug-in you disabled is shown in a different color. In this section, the plug-in of which the "Location" line ends with "NPSWF32.dll" should be enabled. If there is no such plug-in, click https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer, download and install Adobe Flash Player plug-in.

After you install the plug-in, refresh the web page in order to display Flash Player.