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I receive the error message: "Error in User Code or Password ". What does it mean?

 Please try to log on to useraccount.metu.edu.tr with your user code and user password. Are you successful?

  • If not, you have a problem with your user password. Please e-mail to metu.edu.tr" style="line-height: 1.538em;">academic-cvmetu.edu.tr including the information about your user code and your university registry number and the error message you have received.
  • If you are successful when logging on to useraccount.metu.edu.tr, then you were entering your password incorrectly. If the "CAPS LOCK" light on your keyboard is on, the password characters written in capital letters will render your password invalid since the system is case sensitive. Or you may be somehow mistaken to believe that your keyboard language is "Turkish" when it is actually "English" or vice versa. Please make sure that you are entering your password in the appropriate keyboard language. As a third option, you can check whether you are entering your password correctly or not, by entering your password in a field other than the password field. This may help you to check whether you are typing the password correctly or not.