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Secure Access (ftps) to Licensed Software Server (ftp.cc)



The licensed software which are open for the use in METU campus only (intranet),  can be reached by our users via Internet browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer using the address ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr, or can be downloaded using ftp client programs like Filezilla. Further information can be accessed through the link for downloading software from ftp.cc.


In order to maximize the safety during the process of username and password verification, it is highly recommended for our users to utilize the more secure ftps protocol instead of the standard ftp protocol.


The recommended method for performing this action is downloading Filezilla ftp data client using the links https://ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr/Utils/Filezilla or Filezilla and using the connection settings below.


1- Open Filezilla, click File tab under Site Manager . Screenshot (1)

2- From here, click the “New Site” button, and name it ftpcc. Screenshot (2)

3- Apply the following directives during this step Screenshot (3)

ftp.cc.metu.edu.tr for server,

 FTP for protocol,

 Require Explicit FTP over TLS for Encryption,

 Normal for Logon Type

 Enter your METU academic or administrative username and password for the required box.

 4-After clicking “Connect”, press OK on the following certificate warning page and accept the

Certificate, it is highly recommended for you to mark the “Sonraki oturumlarda bu sertifikaya güven

dialog box. Screenshot (3)