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When does a personnel user code expire and closed?


The users' accounts, which are closed due to reasons other than retirement or expired due to end of assignment, will be closed at the end of 3 months after the personnel leaves office. Back-up is available up to 1 year. The users should apply to METU CC IT Support Service (https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr/ with an ID card after specifying the date for back-up in order to getting the back-ups.

If valid reasons are stated, the user code can be prolonged for an extra 3 months.

The demands for more than 3 months (User code can be prolonged for 1 year up to approval of the head of the department/unit) should be approved by the head of department/unit by filling the F3 form. The form must be taken to the Computer Center B-14 office.

Research assistants whose duty term is over but the MS or Phd program persists, will be given 1 year prolongation until their education period is over.