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Who can make use of central licensed software, and how?

METU Computer Center acquires licensed software for campus-wide use, based on user needs and demands. Software licenses are renewed each year. METU users can have access to the latest versions of every software licensed. For more information and your questions about licensed software,  please contact https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr

The software licensed by METU, shall be used in accordance with the 3rd, 5th and 7th articles of the 'METU Information Technology Resources Use Policy'. Consequently, compliance with the license agreements is essential and the 'license keys' of the software, which is used in the set up process, shall not be shared with the third parties. The fifth article is to be applied to the users who do not comply with these rules.

Licensed Software can be downloaded from METU Licensed Software Page

Due to the license agreements, this site is only accessible to academic and administrative staff and within the METU campus network.

Important Note:  Any breach or violation of the provisions in the license aggreements of the software is strictly prohibited by the "Law of Intellectual Property Rights (law item 5846)" and by "Turkish Law of Penalty (law item 525/a)".