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Licensed Software Facilities offered to Students


Some of the licensed software facilities are also available to METU students within the relevant license agreements.

Abaqus You can download Student Edition at https://academy.3ds.com/en/software/abaqus-student-edition
Ansys You can download Student Edition at http://www.ansys.com/products/academic/ansys-student
Autodesk/Autocad You can download Student Edition at http://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/featured
Matlab You can reach to educational materials by setting a password on your own, with your own e-mail address and license number 138867 at https://www.mathworks.com
Office 365 Active full-time or part-time students who have a legitimate email address with .edu extension can use the service for free. Please refer to https://products.office.com/en-US/student/office-in-education for detailed information.
Microsoft Imagine Microsoft Corporation has a program called Microsoft Imagine (named Dreamspark previously) by which several MS development software are made available for university students for free including METU. For more information about the please see https://imagine.microsoft.com/en-us/catalog
Visual Studio You can download software at https://www.visualstudio.com/tr/free-developer-offers/

Related questions can be forwarded to hotlinemetu.edu.tr.