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SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a statistical analysis software. METU has licensed SAS Windows by the year 2009.

SAS Academic Analysis Suite is the licensed software package. This package and some other additional components available are as follows:

Base, Stat, Graph, Connect, Share, ETS, FSP, Access to ODBC, Access to PC File, Access to Ole DB, AppDev Studio, Insight, IML, Enterprise Guide, SAS/QC, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS/OR, JMP.

SAS Windows 9.4 is the latest version available and is compatible with recent Windows operating systems. 


Renewing License


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Renewing Expired SAS Windows License:

Sas Windows performs the license check by a local license file stored in the PC that runs the software and this file should be replaced when its expiration date is close or passed. For this reason when the expiration date is close users should log on to

https://software.cc.metu.edu.tr  with their METU usernames and passwords and download the new license file to their PC's (the file is in a name format like sas9***.txt).

After this, run sasrenew.exe file at C:\Program Files\SAS\SAS 9.x\core\sasinst\sasrenew or click on the "Renew SAS Software" button in Start Menu ->SAS -> SAS 9.x Utilities menu . In the dialog box window, click"browse"; locate and point new license file downloaded and click "next". Then by clicking "OK", "Next" and "Renew" buttons, new license will be processed. 

Related questions and problems can be sent via https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr/