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Exam Evaluation With Optical Reader

1. Login from sis.metu.edu.tr with username and password
2. From the left menu select: Authorized Processes>ToDo>Exam Avaluation With Optical Reader.
3. Select the course for which the exam is given from the drop down menu.
4. How many types of booklets are selected from the Number of Booklet drop down menu.
5. A reminder about the exam can be written in the describtion field and press the Add button.
6. In the window that opens, the booklet type of the exam to be read is selected, the sdf file is selected from the answer key field and upload is pressed.The point to be noted here is that the answer key should be a single line and it should be created in such a way that there is no space behind it.
If there is a question that is considered to be incorrect and will be canceled after the exam, "X" must be entered in the answer key to answer this question.
The answer keys for all of the types of booklets are loaded one by one in the same way. You can view and review the uploaded answer keys at the bottom of the page.
Although the default point for scoring is 1 , if the questions are to be scored separately, points can be given to the questions by clicking the "Add/Change Point" button.
After all the answer keys are loaded, the “Submit All Answer Key” button is clicked.
7. By pressing the back button in the upper left corner, we return to the page where the exam lister is located. The answer key has been uploaded and the exam has now changed the color of the Answer Key upload button.
8. Select the relevant exam from the list and click the "SDF Upload and Calculate Grade" button. Select the sdf file containing the answers of the students and click the "Parse Answer Key" button.