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How to Install ANSYS?


How to Install ANSYS?

Note For Students: You can download Student Edition at http://www.ansys.com/products/academic/ansys-student

1.Step: ANSYS software can be downloaded from,


2.Step: First of all, you should click Install Ansys Products.


3.Step: You have to accept license agreement to continue install. Then you should click Next button.


4.Step: You should choose install directory. Then, you should click Next button to go to next step.


5.Step: In this step, ANSYS Licensing Interconnect port number must be 2325 as default, but  ANSYS FlexNet port number must be 1056 instead of 1055 seen as default, and Hostname 1 must be “license.cc.metu.edu.tr”. Then, you must click Next button.



6.Step: You can select products that you need. Then, you must click Next button.


7.Step: You can configure now or choose "Skip all and configure later using CAD Configuration Manager" to configure later. You have to click Next button to continue installation.


8.Step: You have to click Next button to continue installation.


9.Step: Disc 2 is essential for setup. In this screen, you must enter the installation directory for disc 2 that you downloaded to continue installation.


10.Step: After installation, you must click Next button.


11.Step: You can click Exit button to end installing.



You can ask related questions to the e-mail address hotlinemetu.edu.tr