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How to Install ArcGIS?


ArcGIS Desktop Installation

1.Step: You should click ArcGIS Desktop Setup on the first screen to install product.


2.Step: You should click Next button to continue.


3.Step: You must accept the license agreement to install product.


4.Step: If you choose “Complete”, all application features will be installed. Therefore, you should choose Complete and then click Next button to continue.


5.Step: You can choose destination folder on the screen. You should click Next button.


6. Step: You should click Next button.


7.Step: You must click Next button to start installation.


8.Step: ArcGIS Desktop will be installed successfully.


After the installation, run arcgis administration, after package preference (Arcinfo, Arcview,Arceditor),choose concurrent use, for license server name enter "arcgis.cc.metu.edu.tr". 

You can ask related questions to the e-mail address hotline@metu.edu.tr