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I get "Uygulama Yüklenirken Hata Oluştu!" error in EDMS(EBYS). What should I do?

The ArkSigner program, which enables the use of e-signatures in the Electronic Document Management System (EBYS) without the need for Java installation, is regularly updated.

The updated program loses its validity and the installation of a new version becomes mandatory. If the update is not done, the error message "Error installing the application" appears. (Turkish of error message: Uygulama Yüklenirken Hata Oluştu)

To fix the problem, it is necessary to download and install the relevant file according to the operating system by clicking the "Download Now" link in the upper right corner from http://www.arksigner.com.

In some cases, reinstalling the program does not eliminate the error, it is necessary to reinstall the AKIS card reader program and reboot the computer.

For AKIS installation, the operating system, version, type and card reader type should be selected by clicking the "Driver" (Sürücü) link from the http://kamusm.gov.tr ​​page, and the relevant drivers should be downloaded and installed.