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Zoom for Distance Education

For online meeting and video conferencing needs in online classes, Zoom application is made available for our University. The registered users in Zoom can create meetings and invite others who do not have Zoom accounts to their meetings.

To access this application, please send an e-mail to zoomadm metu.edu.tr. The content of invitation e-mail depends on whether you are registered user with your METU e-mail address, or not.

IF you DO NOT HAVE an individual Zoom account with your METU e-mail

Please click on the "Activate Your Zoom Account" link in the invitation e-mail and follow the instructions to use Zoom with no time limit.

After clicking on "Activate Your Zoom Account" link, you can follow "Sign Up with a Password" link in your browser.

Finalize signing up by entering First name, Last name and password.

IF you HAVE an individual Zoom account with your METU e-mail

If you have an individual Zoom account with your METU e-mail, you need to click "Approve the Request" link in the invitation e-mail. Then, your account will be transfered into METU Zoom group and you will still have access to your own data.

After approving the request, you need to click "I Acknowledge and Switch".

After that, you may need to sign in again to your desktop application.

To add Zoom activities in ODTÜClass, please visit https://odtuzem.metu.edu.tr/en/academic  Synchronous Tool-1: ZOOM  section.