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Comsol Installation

1. Step: You should select language for installation and then click “Next” button on the first screen.


2. Step: You should click “New COMSOL Installation” option.


3. Step: In this step, you shouldaccept the terms of the license agreement. “License format” must be <port number>@<host name>. Port number must be 1718 and Host name must be comsol.cc.metu.edu.tr. Then, you should click “Next” button to continue.


4. Step: Appropriate boxes must be checked like below screen. Then, you should click “Next” button.


5. Step: All components must be checked. Then, you should click “Next” button in order to continue installation.


6. Step: On the screen, options must be checked like below screen. Then, you should click “Next” button.


7. Step: You should click “next” button for this option.


8. Step:  You must click “install” button.


9.Step: You should click “next” button to install updates.


10.Step:  You should just click “install” button.


11.Step:  installation is completed, click on "close".


Comsol Academic License Modules:

    -  COMSOL Multiphysics for All Platforms,

    -  Fuel Cell Module

    -  CFD Module for use with COMSOL Multiphysics for All Platforms

    -  Chemical Reaction Engineering Module

    -  Heat Transfer Module

    -  LiveLink for MATLAB

Note: Comsol software cannot be offered to students according to license agreements. Students can use the software in PC labs.

Related questions and problems can be sent via https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr/