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I forgot my METU user code password. Where can I apply?


You can get your new password if you add an alternate e-mail adress (password recovery/reset e-mail adress) using METU User Account Management https://useraccount.metu.edu.tr/ web page. To do so, you need to have a registered recovery e-mail. 

If you have a registered e-mail address, click on "Forgot password?” link


After filling the form, click on the “send e-mail” link. You should click the link sent to your e-mail address to reset and activate your new password.

If you remember your password and want to register a recovery e-mail address please log on to METU User Account Management page, click "REGISTER RECOVERY E-MAIL" link to register an e-mail address (other than your @metu.edu.tr address).



If you do not have an alternate/recovery e-mail address, you can simply scan your METU ID card and your identity card or you can take a photo of your METU ID and identity card with your mobile phone if applicable and send them to usermetu.edu.tr. After sending the required information to usermetu.edu.tr address, the recovery addresswould be assigned by METU CC (if there is an e-mail addressthat you used while sending the information or another e-mail addressthat you request) and you would able to perform the password recovery operations as explained above. After this process you can easily reset or change your recovery e-mail address or password whenever necessary.