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My Internet connection is very slow. What is the problem?


Our users are sharing an Internet bandwidth of 1 Gbps of campus network. Connection speed of every user decreases as much as the number of the users sharing the network increases.

Therefore, as the number of complaints reported from our users increase, "Shaping Excessive Usage" policy started to be executed. In this context, Internet speed of the users who affect others’ network usage will be shaped due to the procedures and sanctions of the 5th article of METU Information Technology Resources Use Policy. This procedure will be valid only towards the off-campus traffic, i.e. all addresses but *.metu.edu.tr in general. There is no such limitation for within-campus connections.

The method of application is as follows.

  • The average bandwidth per user is found by dividing the total bandwidth to the total users in the last 30 days.
  • Maximum traffic in the case of continuous usage of the average bandwidth is calculated.
  • Internet speed of the first 1% of users that exceed this number is shaped.
  • These users are informed by an automatic e-mail that consists of the list of devices which are affected by the procedure and the amount of total usage in the last 30 days.

    The purposes of the procedure are;

  • to shape the Internet access of the users who engage the network and affect others’ usage,
  • to raise awareness on users to decrease unnecessary data traffic
  • to make users conscious of unwanted programs such as malware, spyware etc.
  • to adjust METU Information Technology Resources Use Policy,
  • to raise awareness about information security,
  • to regularize network usage.

    The system is based on either user or IP. Users can connect to the Internet without any problems or limitations during off-peak periods such as the summer months.

    The system is running automatically and consistently. Affected users may probably be out of the system in a couple weeks’ time depending on their recent traffic. During this period they can make use of all network services in the campus.