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What is webcache?


Important Notice !!!

Library Webcache Service was ended on 5th of August 2014. In order to access the Library Electronic Recources from outside of METU Campus please use the other services which explained in this link below:

 What is Web Caching?

Web caching is an efficient method of saving time and easing the burden on the network traffic by keeping  temporary copies of web objects requested by the user (desirable to accessed later to the same remote web sources -such as the data that are accessible via protocols such as HTTP, FTP, Gopher-) on one of the servers of the local area network, where these previously cached objects are instantly returned to the user. so, the average time for returning the requests of users using the same web caching server is reduced and more bandwidth is gained.

How to use:

To use the web caching service, users should properly arrange the settings of their browsers. There are two ways to set your browser to enable web caching service: Automatic or Manual Settings.

1. Automatic Settings

On your browser you should mark the "Use automatic configuration script" statement and type http://www.metu.edu.tr/proxy.pac on the address field.

To do the settings of Internet Explorer, follow this path:  

Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > check the appropriate box

To do the settings of Firefox follow this path:

Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Settings > "Automatic proxy configuration URL"

To do the settings of Netscape - Mozilla, follow this path:

Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Proxies 

To do the settings of MAC - Safari, follow this path: 

Preferences > Advanced > Proxies > Change Settings

To do the settings of Google - Chrome, follow this path:

Customize and control Chromium > Preferences > Under the hood > Network > Change proxy settings > Network proxy > Automatic > http://www.metu.edu.tr/proxy.pac

2. Manual

 If it is not possible for you to apply the automatic settings, see the proxy server setttings in the lower part of the menu and type "" in the address field and "2003" in the port field. 

When you click on the "Advanced" button, you should see only HTTP as selected from the list. The other protocols should not be used. You should disable the proxy server for local addresses and for "metu.edu.tr".

METU WEB Caching Server

Middle East Technical University web caching service is provided on a server with Intel Pentium III processors, 1 Gigabyte RAM, 67 GB SCSI hard disc and Squid software. The service is being offered by Computer Center, Network Group. For your questions, please send an e-mail to hotlinemetu.edu.tr