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Can I forward my e-mails that arrive at my METU user account after I graduate?


In the scope of the Forwarding Service, the e-mail addresses of graduated students in the e100001metu.edu.tr format are left active for a term after graduation (for Spring term graduates till the March of the next year and for Fall graduates till November of the same year) and terminated and directed to an indicated e-mail address forever, at the end of that duration .

For prospective graduate students, a warning message is sent 6 months before, stating that their account will be terminated, followed by a reminding message 1 month before the termination. The students can do the forwarding after the reminding message before the termination or whenever they want after their account is terminated.

The forwarding of the user accounts can be done via web by using the central user account and password over, https://mezun.cc.metu.edu.tr or https://alumni.cc.metu.edu.tr adresses. As the forwarding system has been implemented for the graduates after the 2004-2005 Semester and on, the graduates before this semester have to come to the Computer Center for the application. For this, they have to fax a copy of their identity card and their student number together with their preferred forwarding address to (0 312) 210 3303. After that, to follow the procedure you may get in contact with hotlinemetu.edu.tr.

Note: Please wait 30 minutes to use the forwarding service. After 30 minutes, you should be able to receive e-mails to your forwarding address from your @metu.edu.tr address.