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How can I use METU e-mail forwarding?

METU Alumni and former METU staff can continue to receive e-mails sent to their METU e-mail addresses by activating the e-mail forwarding to another e-mail address they have.
Users will receive reminder e-mails 1 month before their user codes are to be terminated, informing them about the user code termination and the necessary steps for e-mail forwarding. After receiving this e-mail, they can activate e-mail forwarding with the last password they use. To activate "e-mail forwarding" service, please visit METU Portal. You can also activate forwarding via https://forward.metu.edu.tr.
After the activation of e-mail forwarding, new e-mails sent to your METU e-mail address will be automatically forwarded to the e-mail address you indicated. E-mail forwarding is not valid for already received e-mails in your inbox. If you want to archive those e-mails, please visit this link. If your METU user code has been terminated in the last 4 weeks, you can apply for backup.

To activate e-mail forwarding, you need to log in with your METU user code and password. After logging in, you can type in the e-mail address you want your METU e-mail address to be redirected to, in the Forward e-mail to text box and click Update. Then, your e-mail forwarding is activated. To deactivate e-mail forwarding, please click Forwarding on or off button.

What should you do if you cannot access your usercode?

If your user code had been terminated and you do not remember your password, please send a photo of your identity card (only the front side) and indicate your student number / staff ID number and the forwarding address you prefer via the IT Support Form. (allowed file types in the form are: pdf, png, jpeg, gif and maximum file upload size: 2MB ) Then, Computer Center IT Support Team will activate your e-mail forwarding service. You will receive an automatic e-mail once your e-mail forwarding is activated.

E-mail forwarding serves only the purpose to forward the e-mails sent to your METU e-mail address to another e-mail address you specify. No e-mails can be sent via your METU e-mail address.