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Application for Admission to Graduate Programs at METU

Can the ‘Final Copy’ be altered?
Do I have to enter a recommendation letter for every applied program?
Do undergraduate/graduate students enrolled in state/private universities pay the fee for application?
For which department applications portfolio is required and when and where those should be submitted?
How can I apply to a new program?
How can I correct my information that cannot be changed if it is incorrect/missing (for METU students/graduates)?
How can I delete an applied program?
How can I get help for technical errors encountered during the application?
How can I learn my TCK No information?
How can I update the information for the applied program?
How do I upload my transcript?
How to apply to a program? Can you explain the steps briefly?
How to apply to METU- English Proficiency Examination (EPE)?
How to get the "E-mail" and "Password" information to start the online application?
I am a foreign applicant and I might apply for a Research/Project assistantship. Is it possible?
I am a student outside of METU and I have a previous application. My old e-mail was closed. How can I apply?
I am asked to upload two transcripts in my PhD application. I have all my transcripts in one file. What should I do?
I am currently a registered METU student, how can I apply?
I do not prefer to enter my TCK No. What will be the consequences?
I don't want to write anything into "Other Means" text box. What can I do?
I get "Password is incorrect" message. What can I do?
I get "Your email information does not exist in the system. Check your email or use 'New User' link..." message. What can I do?
I want to use the most up-to-date / highest grade I entered before / later, instead of my ALES result withdrawn from the system. What should I do?
I was a graduated/not registered METU student and I wasn't apply before, how can I apply?
If the print out of "final copy" is improper what should be done?


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