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How can I update the information for the applied program?

a. Once you finish filling forms and uploading documents, you will see all the information you entered on a page after you select submit menu. Read them carefully for any mistake.

b. When you are sure that all the information is correct for the department/program you are applying, press the ‘SUBMIT’ button to finalize your application form.

c. Your application will be forwarded to the institute(s) for final control after the application deadline.

d. In an unlikely event that you need to change anything BEFORE the deadline, you can make changes as you wish. Make sure that you press ‘SUBMIT’ button to finalize again.

e.You can make any changes any time until the application deadline. All the information and the documents you submitted are automatically saved once you enter the program with your password. If you make any changes after pressing Submit button, please re-Submit them so they could be considered.

f. Do not forget that you will not be able to change anything after the deadline.