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Can I get an e-signature from another institution? I have an e-signature, can I use it?
Can I use my certificate in international correspondence?
How can I apply for renewal if my e-signature certificate has expired / is about to expire?
How can I find out the e-signature validity period?
How can I generate the PIN (password) code of my e-signature SIM card? How can I unlock the PIN?
How can I use E-signature in EBYS (Electronic Document Management System) [DSClient Application]?
How can I use E-signature in Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)?
How can I use my CES (e-signature) in TÜBİTAK Applications?
How is the KamuSM Certified Electronic Signature (E-signature) Application Process?
How to e-sign a PDF document with Acrobat Reader DC?
How to give E-APPROVAL for Certified Electronic Signature (e-signature)?
I cannot access it with the NES application access password come from Kamu SM, what should I do?
I deleted the Certified Electronic Signature (E-signature) Application E-mail from Kamu SM. What should I do?
I don't have an e-signature, how can I get it?
I get "Uygulama Yüklenirken Hata Oluştu!" error in EDMS(EBYS). What should I do?
I lost my e-signature / it was stolen, my credentials have been updated; what should I do?
I retired, I no longer work at METU, can I get an e-signature?
I've lost my e-signature card reader. What should I do?
What is E-Signature?
What should be done in case of a change of surname? Can I still use my e-signature?
Where should the wet signed e-signature application form be submitted?
Where will I use the e-signature? Is it compulsory?
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