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How to give E-APPROVAL for Certified Electronic Signature (e-signature)?

In KamuSM Certified Electronic Signature transactions, if you give one-time e-approval by using your e-signature, you can obtain Certified Electronic Signature (CES) quickly without the need to send documents for your future requests. To do this, you need to follow the steps below:

In order to carry out the relevant operations in KamuSM, Java and Akis installations must be done.

1. Go to http://kamusm.gov.tr.

2. Click on the "ONLINE İŞLEMLER" tab.

3. After selecting "E-Devlet ile Giriş", click on the "E-devlet Kapısına Git" link. Sign in with your ID number, CES (NES) or mobile banking.

4. Select "NES İŞLEMLERİ".


6. The steps to be followed are described in detail on the page that opens. Give your E-APPROVAL by following the steps.

PS: If you have e-approved before, the system will show you the option your e-approve; you can just exit without any transactions.