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Can I load money to my smartcard by using foreign bank card?
Can I transfer the virtual money left on my METU ID card back to my account?
How can I load and spend money with SoliClub application?
How can I load money through odtucard website?
How can I see my cash payments and loadings?
I am a METU staff. Can I get an ID card for my relatives?
I cannot get in/out at the electronic card pass system of the departments. What should I do?
I get a warning message says “Your smart card has been canceled/out of use. Please apply your University” What should I do?
I have changed my Smart ID card. Do I have to reactivate my new ID card?
I have graduated. Would the available cash on my revoked card be returned to me?
I have loaded money to my smartcard from online balance loading sysytem (odtucard), the amount I have loaded has not been transferred to my smartcard. What should I do?
I have lost my smartcard and apply for a new one, after a short time I found my lost smartcard. What can I do?
I'm the person who is responsible for authorization of people to department/unit e-gate system. How can I access to related interface for e-gate authorization?
In case of the need to change my Smart ID card, would the virtual money on my old card be transferred to my new ID card?
METU Smartcard History
My cash/credit card does not have e-commerce property, what should I do?
My Smart card has been changed. Would the available cash on my old card be transferred to my new card?
My smartcard is broken, what should I do?
My smartcard is lost/stolen. What should I do?
The information displayed on the screen of the Cash payment/load devices does not belong to me. What is the reason?
The refund that I requested has still not been loaded to my smart card. What could be the problem?
Virtual money that I have deposited on my smartcard was set to zero just after I deposited or after I used it for a few times. What should I do?
When I tap/scan my smartcard to payment/load devices I get an error message says “your card has not been read” or “your card has not been recognized”. What should I do?
When is the money in smart ID card transferred back to my bank card if the smart ID card is cancelled?
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