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I cannot get in/out at the electronic card pass system of the departments. What should I do?

If the card reader does not give a ‘beep’ warning even though you hold the card from a few centimeters distance of the card reader with the METU logo, it means that there is a physical problem with your card. If you are a METU staff, apply to the Directorate of Personnel Affairs, if you are a METU student apply to the Student Affairs Office where you can have your card checked and you can apply for a new card if it is necessary.

If the card reader gives a ‘beep’ warning but the door does not open, then there may be a problem with your authorization. You can apply to the authorization officer of your department and have your authorization checked for access.

The access authorization is granted by the department officer(s) and you can get information about your authorization status from them. If you previously were able to pass and are experiencing the problem just this time and/or if there are multiple people experiencing the same problem, possibly there is a malfunction with the smart card system. Firstly, you can inform your department authorization officer. If your authorization is still not defined, you can report the problem via  IT support page by using your user account information.