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How can I load and spend money with SoliClub application?

You can load money (balance) to your smartcard or spend money through QRCode located on turnstile at cefteria by using SloClub application devloped by Utarit company. You need to match your credit or debit card with BKM (Interbank Card Center) Ekspress in order to load/spend money through SoliClub application. By this means, you can load or spend money through your matched bank card. You also need to tap your smartcard to one of the kiosks or balance update terminals located at cafeteria in order to transfer loaded money (by using online systems) to your smartcard. You should have active smartcard in order to use SoliClub application for loading and spending money. If you are renewing your smartcard and haven't received your new smartcard yet, you can not use this application. Your new smartcard should be given to you in 3 or 5 working days. For any delay, you can get in touch with Student Affairs (if you are student) or Directorate of Personnel Department (if you are Metu personnel). You can reach extra information by clicking on the links below.

SoliClub Application Use

SoliClub Balance Load