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Can I use my certificate in international correspondence?

There are a number of verifications for transactions made with electronic signatures. Just one of these; verification of the authority issuing the certificate and ensuring the accuracy of the certificate (root certificate) of this authority.

In this regard, the "Regulation on Procedures and Principles Regarding the Implementation of Electronic Signature Law" contains the following information about Foreign Electronic Service Providers (ECSP):

- Conditions regarding the legal consequences and acceptance of foreign electronic certificates are determined by international agreements.

- For end-user certificates to be used in different countries, the two countries need to sign an agreement by making a joint decision, and then, technical studies should be carried out with some methods to ensure that the root certificates of the countries trust each other.

- Both countries must be working within the framework of international standards (such as ETSI TS 101 733, ETSI TS 101 903, CWA 14710 etc.).

For this reason, it is not possible to use the certificates obtained in EU member countries and other countries immediately. For this job, the two countries need to come together and make an agreement by making the necessary investigations and studies.