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How to apply to a program? Can you explain the steps briefly?

a. After the main page, you should see a menu of items to be filled, please start by filling the Personal Profile Information first.
b. Having filled the Personal Profile Information, proceed to the [Program Application] section.
c. When you complete the program application section, please follow with the COMPLETE & PRINT section.
d. In the COMPLETE & PRINT section, click [CHECK] to see if all the information you have entered is correct. If necessary, you can go back to previous sections and make the corrections by using the 'BACK' button.
e. If you are sure that all the information is correct for each of the programs that you are applying  you can now click [FREEZE] to finalize your application. Use your browser and obtain a printout of your application(s). Please sign that form and sent it to the relevant graduate school together with the listed documents at the end of the printout.
f. ATTENTION: After finalizing your application by click [FREEZE], you cannot change/update your information.
g. Please glue your photograph into the related field, sign each page with your initials, and then sign the last page with your full signature.