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ArcGIS Pro is a group of programs for geographic information system (GIS), developed by ESRI. It is known as new version of Arcgis For Desktop. 

Arcgis Pro Installation


On the screen after double clicking ArcGISPro_26_175036.exe installation icon click "Next" to continue installation.

2.Step: Read the aggrement and click Next to continue.

3.Step: Click Next to continue.

4.Step: Choose destination folder for installation and click Next to continue.

5.Step: You can choose to participate Esri User Experience Improvement program and click Install to start installation.

6.Step: After installation ArcGIS Pro will be started. Click "Settings" to configure Licensing options. 

7.Step: In Licensing options choose "Configure Your licensing options" option.

8.Step: You should choose "Concurrent Use License" and enter "arcgis.cc.metu.edu.tr" as License Manager. You can choose features to use.

You can ask related questions via https://itsupport.metu.edu.tr/