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Bubble Sheet Assignments in Gradescope

Bubble Sheet Assignments

Gradescope’s bubble sheet assignments allow you to create a multiple-choice answer key for the automatic grading of your students’ submissions. 

You need to use Gradescope’s 200-question bubble sheet template for student submissions. The provided PDF template includes the following fields:

  • Name - used for auto-matching uploaded submissions to students on your roster
  • ID - student ID, if applicable it can be used for auto-matching uploaded submissions to students on your roster
  • Section - enter a section name if applicable
  • Date - date the student completed the assignment
  • Version - used for the student to mark which version of the assignment they are assigned to
  • Other - a field to enter any other information you have requested from your students
  • Two hundred answer spaces - provided over two pages; only upload the used pages 
The template cannot be customized to contain question/answer content. You will need to provide students with a question list and multiple-choice answers outside of Gradescope.

To create a bubble sheet assignment:

  1. Access your course dashboard and select Assignments from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the Create Assignment button from the taskbar at the bottom of the page. 
  3. Select Bubble Sheet from the list of assignment types and then select Next at the bottom of the page. 

For more information on bubble sheet assignments, please visit https://help.gradescope.com/article/gkwvq606fq-instructor-assignment-bub... .

Uploading Scans

You can use any scanner to create PDFs of your answer sheets. Check out scanning tips from Gradescope .
  1. Once you have your PDFs ready to upload, click Select PDF Files on the Manage Scans page.
  2. Select your files and they will begin uploading. You can also drag and drop submissions directly onto the Manage Scans page. It's recommended that you upload PDFs that contain multiple student submissions for faster processing.
  3. As soon as submissions are created on the Manage Scans page, Gradescope automatically attempts to match each submission to a student in the roster, using the Name and ID regions that you set up in the Edit Outline step. 

Answer Key

On the Answer Key page, allocate the correct answers to each numbered question for your assignment. You can create multiple versions of the same bubble sheet assignment, each having individual answer keys.