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Can I change my e-mail address that consists of my name and surname in the format 'name.surname@metu.edu.tr'?

In normal conditions you cannot change the e-mail address in the format name.surnamemetu.edu.tr that you have chosen from User Account Management web site on the address https://useraccount.metu.edu.tr.

However, if you change your name or surname by reason of marriage and divorce or as a result of a court decision, apply to Students Affairs if you are a student or to Staff Affairs if you are an international staff with your related documents. After they update your information, our systems will also be updated. 

If the e-mail address you will be given is in use by another user, you will be contacted in order to determine a new address.

Once your address is changed, the e-mails sent to your old e-mail address will not be forwarded to the new address and will be returned to sender. Relevant information procedure will be under your responsibility.