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A guest account created for me. How can I connect meturoam wireless network?

A device must support WPA2 Enterprise with PEAP/MSCHAPv2 in order to be able to connect to METU wireless network, meturoam. Please click here for a list of some popular devices that are known to NOT work on the meturoam wireless network.

Connecting to meturoam

  • After a guest account created for you, please connect to meturoam SSID from your wireless device. You can use this password with every device you own, you do not have to set passwords for each device.
  • Be sure to set the protocols as PEAP and MSCHAPv2. 
  • Use your username and password sent via e-mail by the guest account creator for the meturoam service.
  • In Windows 10, protocol settings are done automatically. You do not need to set the protocols. For Linux operating systems or Windows 7 and below, you may also need to select WPA2-Enterprise and AES.
  • In mobile devices, if you use the autocomplete function in your keyboard, a blank space may be added to your username. Pay attention to last character in your username. It should not be a blank space.
  • If you are asked for a certificate, you may skip it. (For some Android devices, certificate field might be compulsory. You can select "Use System Certificate" and type border.metu.edu.tr netlogin.metu.edu.tr)
  • If you are asked for anonymous identity, you may type anonymous@metu.edu.tr.

!!! Wireless network connection problems are observed in some of Android devices using Android 6 and prior versions. Occasionally these devices display there is an established wireless connection on the screen but when you try to connect to the Internet, they fail. This problem is originated from a bug in the operating system. The bug cause Android devices to continue to use DHCP-leased IP addresses after the leases expire, and cause Android devices to resume using IP addresses from expired DHCP leases. When you face the the same problem please disable your Wi-Fi connection and enable it again.