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How can I change my password? What should I beware of in picking a new password?


You can change the password of your user account by following steps below:

Changing the Password using User Account Management page:

Sign in to User Account Management web page with your user code and password from the address below.
Then click Change Password.

Note: You are bound by some limitations when you are deciding about your password. UNIX operating system will allow a password with maximum 8 characters. If you have specified a longer password, UNIX will consider only the first 8 characters. As well as using letters and characters, you can use punctuation marks, numbers and control characters when creating your password.

Please be careful about not to use commonly used words (like names, surnames, brands, object names etc.) or words that can easily be guessed. Because some programs are capable of revealing the passwords by trying a great deal of probabilities.

A well-thought, secure and strong password is much less likely to be decrypted by such programs. Here are some examples of strong passwords: