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How can I connect to eduroam wireless network using my Mac computer?

You can connect to eduroam by downloading and executing the configuration file to your iOS device.

Download configuration file for iOS devices.

on User Account option, user_namemetu.edu.tr and password should be entered.


Please follow the steps below if you would like to create the configuration file by using your MAC OSX device.

 To connect to the eduroam network, please install Apple Configurator from AppStore.

Run the application and click Start Preparing Devices.



Activate Supervision. (Turn ON)




Click + at the bottom of the window and select Create New Profile in the menu.




In the popup window, click Wifi and then configure.




Type eduroam and select WPA/WPA2 Enterprise in the Security Type combo box.



Select TTLS under Accepted EAP types heading.




Type your METU user name and password. Then, select PAP in the Inner Authentication heading and click Save to save the profile.



Click on the profile name and export it to your computer by clicking the + at the bottom of the window.






Locate the exported profile and install it to your computer double clicking it.