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How can I create and edit my address book in Roundcube?

To edit your address book in Roundcube, click the "Contacts" button in the main menu. By using the "Add" button on the screen that will open, you can add new e-mail addresses and other information (phone, address, note, etc.) about these people to the defined contacts. You can save the information you entered by clicking the "Save" button.

You can upload the existing address book to Roundcube with the help of the "Import" button. The "Import" button, which will appear when the add contacts window opens, allows address books (saved in vCard and CSV (comma-separated data) file formats) to be imported into Roundcube.

You can use the "Export" button to export the contacts in your address book in Roundcube. When you click this button, your contacts saved in Roundcube will be downloaded to your computer as a ".vcf" file.

Your address book and registered contacts that you previously created in Squirrelmail (sqrl.metu.edu.tr) will be copied to Roundcube after you log in to the Roundcube interface for the first time. However, after you log into the Roundcube interface for the first time, the address books in the Squirrelmail and Roundcube interfaces will continue to work independently.