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How can I create web pages by using my METU user account?

Please remember to act in conformity with METU Information Technology Resources Use Policy when you are creating web pages. To view these ethical codes, you can visit this adress.

The following steps will guide you when creating web pages on METU central servers.

  1. Enter your user code/password and connect your computer to central servers (orca, beluga, rorqual and narwhal) by using SSH programs like PuTTY or WinSCP.

  2. wwwhome directory is automatically created in your web user account. To check the file permissions of wwwhome directory, run the following command:

    ls -ald wwwhome

    The following line will be displayed after this command is executed. The first 10 characters (drwxr-xr-x) on this line indicate the file permissions of wwwhome directory and each character specifying the permissions must be the same with the permissions in the line below. (If the characters are different, you should repeat the process explained in step 2 (above) beginning from the command "chmod og=rx wwwhome".)

    drwxr-xr-x 14 uid gid 1536 Sep 20 12:10 wwwhome

  3. In the next step, enter the following command to check the file permissions of your home directory.

    ls -ald ~

    Check to make sure that the first 10 characters of the line displayed are the same with the characters indicated below:

    drwx--x--x 14 uid gid 1536 Sep 20 12:10 user-code

    If the characters specifiying the permissions are different, you should run the following command:

    chmod a+x ~

    If the steps above are carried out accordingly, the necessary directory structure would be created that will enable you to create your web page.

  4. Let us create a sample introduction page. Open the wwwhome directory by entering the following command.

    cd wwwhome

  5. Then, create an index.html file by entering the sample command below; (You may use the editor you are most comfortable with like, pico, vi etc.)

    pico index.html

    and enter the sample information below into this file.

    < html >
    < title >Home Page< /title >
    < h3 >Welcome< /h3 >
    < /html >

  6. Save the information in the index.html and close the file. To view your first page, write the following URL address in your active web browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer etc.) The URL address you will be using on your active web browser will be like the following sample address:

    users.metu.edu.tr/user_code (personal users)
    www.*****.metu.edu.tr/ (web users)

  7. You have just created your introductory web page successfully. Please remember to keep the information you will be using on your web page in the wwwhome under the home directory. The following URLs address to people at various levels and may include information, which may help you if you are creating a web page or intending to use HTML code.

    Sites in English:

    http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Guide/ - Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML
    http://htmlhelp.org/ - HTML Help by The Web Design Group

  8. And what's more, you can transfer the web pages you have created on your own computer via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to your user account located on the systems and you can update the pages whenever you want in your account. It is important here not to forget specifying the file permissions of the files you will be transferring as "readable" by everyone. It will be easier for you to execute the following command and specify all the file permissions of the files accordingly in the end, i.e. after all your transfer operations are finished:

    chmod og=r file-name

  9. You can use various web editors while creating, updating and uploading your web pages.