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How can I filter incoming e-mails in Roundcube?

Roundcube's "Filters" feature can be used to prevent spam from taking up space in the "Inbox" folder or to automatically move e-mails from certain people and/or certain topics to certain folders.

To use this feature, after entering Roundcube, first click the "Settings" button on the main panel and then the "Filters" button.

Warning: The filters defined in the Horde, one of the METU webmail interfaces, can also be viewed and used from the Roundcube interface. New filters to be defined in Roundcube are added to the filter set previously defined in the Horde interface. On the other hand, filters created in Roundcube are deleted when filters are edited by logging into the Horde interface again after the filter is created in Roundcube. Although it is planned to eliminate this problem when the testing phase of the Roundcube interface is completed, we recommend our users to be careful about this issue.