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How can I find out about the final status of the disk space and my quota I have used up?

The disk space allocated for user account owners on the central servers is designated as quota. Two different quota areas are allocated for METU users and their capacities are independent from each other. While it is possible to find about the latest state of both quotas with the Horde service, it is only possible to find out about the latest status of the file quota with terminal software like SSH and others.

Displaying quota information with Horde Service:

First, you must enter the Horde system by https://horde.metu.edu.tr address, then you must select the File Manager option under the left menu bar's "My Account" title. You can see both the file quota and the e-mail quota information by pressing the Check Quota button.

Due to E-mail Quota applications, when quota limits are exceded, incoming e-mails can not be delivered to the receiver and will be returned to the sender. So that, it is important to use e-mail quotas within the limits.

Displaying file quota information with Shell Client Programs (SSH etc.):

Connect to your user account by using a terminal program like SSH and write the command



on the command line. Click Enter to view the status of your file quota. The following screen will be displayed:

On this screen, you will see the following terms;

blocks indicates the space you take up on your file quota in kilobytes,
quota indicates the limit of your file quota in kilobytes,
limit indicates the maximum amount that your file quota could get hold of in kilobytes,
grace indicates the time that has remained from your grace period,
files indicates the number of files available on your file quota.